3D Boj

buy dapoxetine in south africa investigate this site 2D or not 2D? Well – that was a question – and one that Pesky had to address when thinking about licensing and toys for Boj.

Boj-a-boom pose
Boj is a very flat 2D character with just one angle. Like Peppa Pig he has his nose on the side of his face and eyes on the front. So reimagining him in the third dimension was quite a challenge!

First we enlisted the help of Lewes based sculptor Amelia Rowcroft who modelled Boj in clay.  Working organically rather than on the computer meant we could get a good feel for the model from the outset.

Clay 3D Boj

Amelia has previously made incredible life-like models for Madame Tussauds so this was a bit of a departure for her.

We were delighted with the result – though of course the 3D model takes some getting used to as without the black outline and with nose between the eyes he is quite different.

Once the clay model was complete we took it to Hamish Glover Wilson at Brighton based 3D printing company 3Dpea. He scanned the model using a hand held scanner – taking care to reach those hard to access areas!

3D print scan - 3Dpea

Once scanned in and given a few tweaks Boj was ready to come to life!  Printing in ABS plastic is a long slow process and he took around 16 hours to print.

The final print was just off white in colour – so the last stage was to prime, sand and paint him, which was my job! And here he is…

3d Boj turnaround

Our first use for the model has been to make a costume character with Rainbow Productions. The Boj costume will be debuted at the Toy Awards on January the 20th during the week of the London Toy Fair.

Boj character costume

And now Boj has entered the 3rd dimension he’s ready to be cuddled by loving Boj fans around the world!

Claire Underwood – Creator / Director