Boj Radio Show on CBeebies

Look out, or rather listen out, for Boj, because he’s popping up this spring on CBeebies Radio.

Boj Pops Mimi presenting Giggly Park Radio in their burrow

Buddies of Boj will love his upside down-under show on ‘GPR’ – Giggly Park Radio!

Yes, Boj is helping Pops and Mimi turn their underground home into a broadcasting burrow. And they’re promising to deliver ‘an earful of cheerful!’

We had such a giggle reuniting Boj’s family and friends to make this new series. We have revisited many of our favourite characters and songs, pulling everything together with some completely original material.

Jason Donovan was back in the studio putting his Heart FM experience to good use as GPR’s anchor man!

In each Giggly Park Radio adventure, Boj pops up to meet various neighbours who can help him complete another “Boj-about Challenge”. And while Boj is busy on the upside, Pops and Mimi are down-under in the burrow, spinning records, playing their catchiest tunes from the TV show’s musical treasure trove. “We’re diggin’ it!”

So here’s a taste of what little listeners can enjoy on Giggly Park Radio…

Back With The Booms  Can Boj reform his band Boj & The Booms after Denzil squishes his drumkit?

G’Day Sport  Mr Bleat and Mr Nibblit want a Kids v Parents race re-run. Full commentary on GPR!

Home To Me  Pops is missing his didgeridoo until Mr Cloppity finds it in a very odd place!

Mini Giggly Park  Boj checks up on Mia and her pet ladybird and, oh dear, it’s buzzed off again.

Pops Powered Pop  When the music stops, can Boj fix the GPR record player and help Pops get fit?

Talent Spotting  Reporter Boj goes upside to find if Gavin still has a gift for robot dancing!

GigglyFest  GPR brings you all the great sounds from Giggly Park’s very own music festival.

The Camping Special  Denzil joins Boj on his Boj-About Challenge under the Giggly moon. Twit Twoo!

To The Rescue  Will a GPR emergency callout reunite the Rescue Squad to save poor Mr Cloppity?

What Am I Like  Boj is on a revealing mission to discover what his friends really think of him.

Giggly Park Radio launches with the first three episodes on the BBC iPlayer App on the 1st of May – and will become available on the CBeebies Radio Website on the 13th of May.