Let’s Get Boj-ing at Spring Barn Farm

Boj loves to make stuff out of other stuff – and he loves it even more when his buddies join in!

So this year there will be some ‘Let’s Get Boj-ing’ children’s workshops popping up across the country where you can make stuff just like Boj!

Spring Barn Farm in Sussex gets things started this half term between the 14th – 22nd of February.

Let's Get Boj-ing - Spring Barn Farm

They will be using cleaned up recycled cups, bottles, cutlery and fun stickers to make Boj-ey bird feeders – perfect to help our little flappy friends during this cold spell.

And if YOU need to warm up – you can sneak into Mr Cloppity’s shed and watch an episode!

Boj won’t be appearing at this event – but you may meet the makers of the show who are local to Lewes.  Creator Claire Underwood came up with the idea for Boj when living down near Spring Barn Farm and seeing her own daughter making her first buddies in such a gorgeous environment.


Visit the Spring Barn Farm website for more details.