Let’s Get Boj-ing!

buy Lyrica online from mexico The creators of Cbeebies’ Boj will be holding the first ‘Let’s Get Boj-ing’ upcycling workshop this weekend in their home town of Lewes, East Sussex.


It will be part of the Treasure from Trash events being held in the town throughout the summer. The festival celebrates upcycling – ‘creating stuff from other stuff’ – something that Boj loves to do!

‘To make do and mend, to think out of the box and learning to be resourceful are core values of our show – so getting involved with this festival is a perfect match for Boj’ said director Claire Underwood. ‘We see this as a trial run for something we may roll out across other community events and family festivals in the future.’

The first ‘Let’s Get Boj-ing’ workshop is all about boats – which fits the riverside location perfectly. Paddle boats, balloon powered boats, sailing boats or invent your own kind of boat…


There will be a big pile of old recycled plastic containers, bottles, rubber bands, corks, straws, plastic sheeting, balloons – some examples of Boj-ed boats – and a paddling pool to try out your own crafts!

Creators Claire Underwood, David Hodgson and Dave Ingham will all be joining in the fun – so come down and say hello! Suitable for children of all ages. (Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.)

Lamictal online pharmacy TrashUp Festival –  http://nzeft.org/welcome-to-the-new-zealand-community-of-emotionally-focused-therapy/ Linklater Pavilion – Lewes – 2-5pm Sunday 6th July  – FREE!