Sew a Boj Toy
Knit a Boj Jumper

Snip-Stitch-Stuffity Boj!


Make your little one their very own Boj toy! Follow this simple sewing pattern to create a cuddly Boj plush, perfect for christmas or birthday presents for your little Boj fan!


Clickity-Knit Chart


Knit your little one a warm Boj jumper for winter! Follow this simple knitting pattern and incorporate the design into your knitting projects. A perfect one of a kind christmas present!


Carve a Boj Pumpkin!

Boj Pumpkin Template

Carve your own Boj pumpkin for Halloween

Print off this easy to follow template to carve your own Boj pumpkin for Halloween!

Top Tips!

  • Print off the template – you can change the scale of your template in your printer settings to make sure it will fit onto your pumpkin
  • Roughly cut out the template around the circular shape
  • Turn the template over & colour in the back of the page with pencil
  • Make sure the outside of your pumpkin is dry
  • Loosely tape the template onto your pumpkin
  • Using a pencil, trace around Boj – press firmly with the pencil to make sure your pencil shading on the back transfers on to the pumpkin
  • Remove the template & you will see your outline of Boj ready to carve
  • You can go over the lines with a ball point pen if you are worried about them rubbing off whilst you are carving
  • You can make it easier to carve your pumpkin by tracing your lines with little pin-prick holes made with a cocktail stick
  • To carve just the pumpkin skin (to make his eyes, mouth etc.) gently trace the outlines with your cutting knife, then add extra lines inside the area you want to thin the pumpkin skin (this will make it easier to remove smaller sections of the pumpkin skin)