Meet Boj’s Australian Animal Buddies!

World Wildlife Day was the perfect occasion to launch our very first “Boj’s Aussie Safari”, where Boj takes kids on a virtual fieldtrip to meet real Australian wildlife!

An initiative between Boj and Save The Bilby Fund, two UK primary schools took part in the trial of this interactive webinar – Iford and Kingston School (pictured) in Lewes, East Sussex and Gateway School in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire.

Foundation and Key Stage One children sitting in their ordinary schools were transported to the other side of the world as they burrowed with Boj to pop up at Dreamworld in Queensland.

Here they met Kevin Bradley from the innovative conservation group Save The Bilby who, via webcam, introduced the kids to some extraordinary animals… a sleepy Tasmanian Devil, a hungry Koala and of course a very cute Bilby (called Hannah.)

Kevin Bradley - bilby

During these unique live encounters the fascinated children asked numerous questions, typed onto the webinar screen by their teachers, which Kevin and wildlife expert Alana were delighted to answer as they showed off the unique characteristics of the endangered animals which they held on their laps.

Iford and Kingston ask questions

The camera and webinar was set up and mediated by the unflappable Lynley Stringer from Queensland Government Education department.

Lindsey Stringer

“Boj’s Aussie Safari” begins and ends with an animated sequence in which Boj asks for the children’s help in burrowing all the way to and from Australia. He tells them all about the unique animals you can find there and then he invites them to try some Boj-a-boom ideas about how they can made a real difference to the wildlife where they live.

The goal is that through this amazing encounter with the wider world, kids are actively encouraged to connect back to their own neighbourhood and make it a better place for all who live there. And with his proven ability to connect with 4-6 year-olds, and being himself a threatened species, little Boj is the perfect buddy to help kids understand such a big subject as the environment.

Boj Aussie Safari activities

In addition to Boj’s inspiring suggestions, children are given activity sheets to help them play with the concepts they’ve learned on Boj’s Aussie Safari. And best of all, each child gets a sticker which proudly announces: “I’ve been to Australia with Boj!”

Today I went to Australia with Boj!

Iford and Kingston children made passports for their long journey!

Iford and Kingston children made passports for their long journey

Preparing to go live!

Preparing to go live!

First animal shown was the Tasmanian Devil

First animal shown was the Tasmanian Devil

Mrs Offen at Iford and Kingston types in questions asked by the children

Mrs Offen at Iford and Kingston types in questions asked by the children

Alana with a hungry koala

Alana with a hungry koala

Children in the UK's view

Children in the UK’s view

Fun Boj-a-boom activity sheets

Finishing off with fun Boj-a-boom activity sheets