Boj’s Buddies – Meet the Children Behind the Voices

follow url Let’s meet the four British children who performed the voices of Boj’s buddies, Rupa, Mia, Gavin and Denzil!

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buy Lyrica in canada All the children are from Sussex, where Pesky, the production company behind Boj, are based.

When it came to casting, director Claire Underwood spent many months listening out in the school playground and around town for the right voices to fit her distinctive characters. She wanted to find children with personalities that matched each buddy. The clearly defined characters are based on established personality archetypes, recognised the world over, so she was looking for those particular traits.

Personality grid - showing the different personality types of Boj's buddies. Rupa the analytical, Gavin the driver, Denzil the amiable and Mia the expressive.

The Girls

Poppy Hodgson the voice of Rupa and Sophie Goldstein the voice of Mia in Boj

Poppy Hodgson (Rupa) & Sophie Goldstein (Mia)

Claire’s own daughter Poppy Hodgson was a perfect fit for Rupa. She’s an analytical child, conscientious and organised and like her cartoon double, she loves gymnastics! Whereas her school friend Sophie Goldstein was an ‘expressive’, excitable and giggly, with a small delicate build, great for a little mouse!

Sophie and Poppy were both six when they recorded the pilot, but by the time the series started production they were eight and Sophie’s voice was deeper than it once was – so rather than replace her it was decided she would be pitched up!


The Boys

Jack Gardner the voice of Gavin and Angelo Illsely the voice of Denzil in Boj

Jack Gardner (Gavin) & Angelo Illsley (Denzil)

Claire approached Jack Gardner’s mum after seeing his brother perform in a school Christmas play. Although Jack’s younger brother was the more theatrical, his mum felt that Jack fitted the ‘driver’ role much better. Jack is a brilliant young athlete, very confident and competitive. His clear voice with straight-forward delivery was perfect for Gavin.

The longest search was to find Denzil. But when Claire saw Angelo Illsley morris dancing at a May Day event in Lewes, and heard his adorable husky voice, she knew he was the one! After a slightly embarrassed introduction with his mum, they arranged an audition, and it was there that all could see how gentle, polite and kind Angelo was – an ‘amiable’ just like Denzil.


Recording Sessions

The children went to the Lewes based recording studio around 20 times over the course of the 18 month production. The sound-proofed booth had an odd atmosphere as its walls are carpeted and there are no windows, so has a very dead ambiance which took a bit of getting used to.

Rather than read from a script, they repeated lines read by Claire, with the same intonation and delivery. None of the children had any previous acting experience or training. Poppy was so shy, she would dread even standing up in assembly let alone being able to act on a stage. But in the studio none of that mattered, they were just being themselves, unaware of the audience of millions their voices would eventually be heard by!

It was hard for the children to comprehend that what they were doing would become an animation on TV. So when the show finally aired on CBeebies they were very excited to see their characters come alive. Their families, school mates and teachers started to talk about it and they enjoyed their little taste of fame!

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