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Rupa Nibblit loves sport and has lots of trophies.

Her Rhythmic-Gymnastic-Acrobatic-Mathematics display at the talent show was amazing!

Rupa likes rules and worries when things don’t go to plan.

She lives in a very tidy and organised house. Though the playroom Boj helped her decorate is crazy, colourful and full of fun!

Colour Rupa



Gavin Bleat has all the latest gadgets.

He’s got a ‘Synth-o-matic 5000’ keyboard, a ‘Super-Duper X’ games console and a pair of ‘Mega-Step 600’ walking boots (with built in navigation system!)

He also has the biggest collection of toy robots in Giggly Park.

Boj helped Gavin discover his talent for robotic dancing. And Boj showed Gavin that you don’t always need toys and gadgets to have fun, if you use your imagination!

Colour Gavin



Mia Twitch lives with her Mum and her five little Twitchlet brothers. Her house is very noisy!

She is full of giggles and at the talent show her jokes made everyone else giggle too.

She loves to dress up and play with her toys – even though lots of them are broken.

Mia used to be a picky eater and didn’t like pizza, until Boj showed her it was made of all the things she loves. And when Mia wanted a star to keep, Boj caught one for her in a bucket!

Colour Mia



Denzil Woof is kind and caring and when he grows up he wants to be a doctor, just like his dad!

Denzil loves his teddies. He has a huge collection.

When Denzil lost his new teddy, Snugsy, Boj helped find him.

Denzil can be a bit clumsy and sometimes ruins games by knocking things over. So Boj found a game where it’s good to knock things over… Skittles! Now everyone is happy!

Colour Denzil


Mr Cloppity

Ahhh! Where would be without Mr Cloppity… the keeper of Giggly Park… imparting his wisdom to anyone who’ll listen…

Mr Cloppity (Clive, to his close friends) has had a very exciting life.

He’s been a famous magician, ice skater, hot air balloon pilot, and don’t forget his trip to Hawaii in ’68 (or was it ’86?!)

Now Mr Cloppity looks after Giggly Park and keeps an eye on Boj and his buddies. He’s also the leader of the Giggly Park Rangers – “Hoy Hoy!”

Colour Mr Cloppity



Pops loves his new life in Giggly Park, though he does miss the Outback at times.

He’s a back-to-basics kind of guy. He’s great at fixing up stuff and never throws anything away – it might just come in handy!

Boj thinks Pops is great and wants to be just like him when he grows up.

Pops likes to sing and play his purple ukulele. He enjoys nothing more than getting all his neighbours singing along too!

Colour Pops


Dr Woof

Bruce Woof is Giggly Park’s local doctor.

He loves his food and home comforts. He also has a lot of inflatable things… If you can pump it up Dr Woof has one!

He’s kind and gentle and loves to make everyone happy.

He was so worried when the paddly pool had a puncture. Luckily Boj saved the day when he fixed the hole with a sticky pancake!


Mr Bleat

Blair Bleat is very proud of his hi-tech house. It’s full of the latest technology.

The ‘Chef-o-matic’ prepares all their meals, the ‘Robo Refreshment Station’ brings drinks at the push of a button and their ‘Wonderwall 5000’ is the finest home entertainment system in the world!

Mr Bleat has a state of the art metal detector, the Treasure-Be-Found 3000. Unfortunately it’s not found the treasure chest under Giggly Park.

He would hold the world record for the longest domino rally, except Denzil set it off too early (with his own bottom!)


Mr Nibblit

Deepak Nibblit loves to keep fit.

He runs the local swimming pool and makes sure everyone to sticks rigidly to the pool rules.

He likes his healthy food. His signature ‘special fruit salad’ is really… special!

Mr Nibblit was very excited to come to the rescue when Boj suggested his boingy-bouncy trampoline could save Mr Cloppity when he got stuck up a tree!


Mrs Nibblit

Geeta Nibblit loves everything to be neat and tidy.

She hates clutter and her favourite day is recycle day. (Apart from the day Boj and Rupa made new toys out of recycling which she had to bring back into the house!)

The Nibblit’s house is a white and minimalist.  The only room with colour is Rupa’s playroom that Boj helped her decorate!

Mrs Nibblit’s treasured possession is her ‘Sploshy Fun Badge’ that Boj gave her – because it reminds her that having fun often brings about the best results.


Mrs Bleat

Bonnie Bleat loves to get involved in the Giggly Park community.

She revelled in running the rummage sale.  And although no-one bought a thing, she was pleased Boj made use of all the old unwanted items.

If anyone gets ill at the Bleats house they get to go in the ‘Germbuster 900i’ until they’re better.

When Mimi taught Bonnie to play the ukulele, she realised that making your own entertainment can be really fun!



Mimi is Boj’s fun-loving, creative and musical Mum.

She makes the most delicious food. Green bean and banana pudding… Pineapple and potato smoothie… Cabbage and watermelon soup…  Mmm… Boj-ey yum yums!

Mimi loves to ‘make do and mend’. Their burrow is full of upcycled furniture.

When Mimi gets out her Flying V ukulele, she gets the whole of Giggly Park on their feet!

Colour Mimi


Mrs Woof

Ruby Woof runs the Diner at the heart of Giggly Park.

She has a huge laugh that makes everyone laugh along.

She loves food – even Mimi’s crazy smoothies!

Every year Mrs Woof makes a BIG soup using Mr Cloppity’s vegetables. Imagine her surprise when Boj rolled up to the diner with one ENORMOUS carrot!


Mrs Twitch

Julie Twitch is an exhausted single parent.

She thought a sibling would be nice for Mia, but didn’t expect to have… quintuplets!

The Twitchlets keep her busy from morning to night. It was a rare treat when Pops and Mimi had them for a sleepunder.

Mrs Twitch is always in need of a break.  So imagine her surprise and delight when Boj made a beachy summer holiday for her family in Giggly Park!



Hoj is Boj’s cousin from the Australian Outback.

Like his mum Bibi, he sometimes gets things wrong.

When he went to Adventure Camp with Boj and his buddies, he tried hard to fit in and be like the others, but instead he seemed to annoy everyone.

Hoj was so grateful when Boj asked his buddies to give him a second chance. And he learnt that showing ‘what you are like’ is the best way to make friends.



The Twitchlets are Mia’s five pesky little brothers.

Mrs Twitch was definitely surprised when she found out she was having quintuplets.  And they’ve kept her on her toes ever since!

The Twitchlets have boundless energy and if they’re not kept amused they go totally out of control.

Boj had a Boj-a-boom idea when he made sock puppet costumes for them. So instead of watching a puppet show – they could ‘be a puppet show’ and entertain themselves!


Miss Clippity

Claire Clippity runs Giggly Acres Adventure Camp.

She’s an adventurous Shetland pony who loves an outdoor challenge.

Miss Clippity calls everyone to action with her shiny bugle – which (amongst other things) really impressed Mr Cloppity!

Miss Clippity loved how Boj was resourceful and helped everyone work as a team.


Auntie Bibi

Bibi is Mimi’s sister who lives in the Australian Outback.

Bibi misses Mimi a lot, so couldn’t wait to come and visit them all in Giggly Park.

She’s very outspoken and says exactly what she thinks, which often creates a scene! What is she like?!

Luckily she is full of Bibi-boom ideas and can make a bad situation better with a bit of off the wall imagination.


The Mayor

The Mayor is a big, booming bull!

He speaks with an air of grandeur when on duty. Though when he gets home he’s very down to earth.

Every year he judges the ‘Best Park Competition’, which he finds quite exhausting…

So he was very glad to sit on Boj’s upcycled bench in the Giggly Park Peace Gardens.  So much so, it won first prize!