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3D Boj

2D or not 2D? Well – that was a question – and one that Pesky had to address when thinking […]

3D printed Boj turnaround

Boj Toy Sewing Pattern

Know a little person who would LOVE a snuggly cuddly Boj toy? Then it’s time to Get Boj-ing! This straight forward […]

Sew your own Boj toy. Follow this simple sewing pattern.

Let’s Get Boj-ing!

The creators of Cbeebies’ Boj will be holding the first ‘Let’s Get Boj-ing’ upcycling workshop this weekend in their home […]

What is Boj?

What is Boj? – Boj is a bilby! A very rare marsupial found in Australia. The bilby is the largest […]

Boj the bilby