Boj Inspires ‘Recycle Week’ Preschool Events

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From the 22nd-28th of June 2015 it’s Recycle Week!

Recycle Now (a UK based campaign group) wants to get us thinking about all the items we can recycle from around the home that we might not previously have thought about recycling.

Boj loves the sound of this!  He’s full of creativity and messy fun! He loves to reuse and recycle and show children how to think ‘out of the box’, be resourceful and most importantly… have fun!

He has inspired 12 pre-schools in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire to have their own Boj-a-boom ideas! On Recycle Week they will be ‘creating stuff from other stuff!’

The preschools have been busy collecting recycled boxes, toilet rolls and bottles, and the children will be making musical instruments and having a sing-song!


Photo from previous ‘Let’s Get Boj-ing’ event at Brighton Festival

Boj creator Claire Underwood says “Recycle Week is the perfect time for Boj to inspire our youngest community members to think about recycling, being resourceful and making entertainment rather than always buying new. If we sow these ideas in the minds of young people, we will grow a generation of responsible, innovators who can help create a more sustainable world.”

Find out how the workshop at Great Missenden Church of England Combined School got on during Recycle Week >

If you are inspired to Get Boj-ing with your recycling – upload a photo to Facebook or Twitter (#LetsGetBojing) or drop us an email. Our favourites will win some goodies!